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Is it just a hobby?

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To quote a meme I've seen... "One does not simply keep "a" fish tank"

I have been keeping fish tanks for as long as I can remember. It all started with the fair goldfish in the small 1 gallon tank, which turned into a betta. It wasn't until the Christmas of '98 that I got anything bigger, my mother got me a 29 gallon aquarium. This thing was HUGE to me.

Well I did what most kids would do, went out and bought a bunch of sharks (rainbow, black shark, bala shark), a few tetras and a pleco. As you can imagine, that really didn't go well, and for years we just replaced the fish that died off, no idea as to why they'd die off. I kept that tank all the way up to '07 when I went off to college (my mother still has the tank to this day). But even in college i couldn't get away from it... I ended up with a betta that I kept for 2-3 years, transporting him with me each time I moved home, or went home for a winter break. But after that betta I ended up not having a tank for 2 years.

One day, sitting at work, I email my girlfriend at the time, saying I want a tank. She says "sure, just keep it reasonable".... to this day she regrets saying that. I purchased a used 55 gallon, started getting involved on Aquaticcommunity.com and that tank slowly grew into the 16 tanks I have currently. All this time she hasn't left me, so I guess I had to marry her ;)

Getting to the original question; keeping aquariums is more than just a hobby to most of us, it is a life choice we make. This is something that only a true fish nerd (as the wife calls me) understands. We love tinkering with our tanks, we may have a tank that looks like a work of art to others, but to us there is always more we want from it, or another species of fish we want, but need a new tank for.

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