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Out with the old, in with the new!

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One thing I’ve witnessed in the hobby is getting “bored” with your current set up or on a larger scale, burned out on the hobby itself. Recently I started to develop this feeling myself, whether it was because I was busy with life outside of fish or having a bunch of fish that were acquired when I bought out a friend’s fishroom a year ago; I wasn’t feeling that same excitement I first felt when I built the room.

I knew it was time for a change, so with the Tropical Fish Club of Erie County’s annual spring auction coming up, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to breathe new life into my fish room. I decided to clean out five “plant only” 30g tanks and prep them for fish instead. In addition, I packed up several species of fish that weren’t part of the new plan I’d developed for the future of my fish room including my pair of koi angels, enterochromis paropius breeding group with fry, panda corys, a pair of apisto panduro, and a group of L144a plecos. The transition took me the entire afternoon and evening on Saturday working in the fish room (with a beer in hand of course) to prep the tanks and to pack up the fish and plants I was planning to sell. Then I spent all day Sunday at the auction splitting my time between bidding on the new fish I was looking for and working as a runner assisting the club with the logistics of running the auction.

While catching up with friends in the hobby I was able to bring home close to 20 bags of fish that included 13 different species. My haul consisted of a few bags of various types of guppies, some wild caught L270 plecos, a group of clown plecos, a few different species of Malawi cichlids, a new type of angels, and more. The best part (at least according to my wife) was that I actually came home with money in my pocket, having made a little bit more on the plants & fish I sold than I spent on the new fish.

If I can say I learned anything from this, it’s that if you are starting to lose the passion you once had for the hobby, try something new and challenge yourself. Or if you’ve hit a rough patch, maybe take it back to basics by picking up something easy that will be rewarding. A little victory can rekindle the interest in the hobby that you experienced in the past.

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