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Brightwell FlorinVolcanit

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Product Description

Price includes USPS Priority shipping, however due to the weight of the soils in most cases other items will be shipped in a separate box to prevent crushing


  • Natural volcanic ash with beneficial properties for aquatic plant growth and long-term care of fishes and motile invertebrates requiring slightly-acidic, low-GH water conditions.
  • Ideal for use as a substrate in shrimp biotope aquaria.
  • Binds elements that contribute to hardness, lowering GH and resulting in a slight acidification of alkaline water to a pH of less than 7.
  • Used as a primary substrate, forms the basis of a stable growth medium for rooted 
    aquatic plants by: 
    1. Permitting development of strong root systems.
    2. Encouraging nutrient-uptake through roots via increased interstitial water circulation (relative to higher-density substrata) and acidic pH environment.
    3. Allowing roots to remain sufficiently oxygenated to maintain plant health.


Instructions and Guidelines

  • No rinsing is required prior to placement in a new aquarium
  • Because this being a natural material, in some cases small pieces of wood may be present in the package
  • Prepare enough water to fill the system by adjusting to proper pH, alkalinity, and hardness values. Slowly add sufficient water to the aquarium to barely cover the substrate, then commence planting and when finished slowly fill aquarium to desired depth with remaining water.
  • With time, the neutralizing capacity of Rio Escuro-XF will decrease and the substrate can be replaced at this time if desired. The use of alkaline buffers and pH-increasing substances will hasten deterioration of substrate.
  • Do not use with undergravel filtration.
  • Be sure to keep any left over soils sealed, as over drying the soil will cause it to deteriorate faster

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